Photos and descriptions:
Gayle Jackson
Mt. Airy, MD


Mount Airy Bike Shop New Year's Day bike ride...on the roads.  I thought at first this guy just kept his bike covered
real nice and was taking off his cover. I thought it looked cool.

Pretty many folks came.

I took his pic in this!  I guess it was his raincoat!  He rode in it.  I was kinda jealous.

So, no elite folks here, no sir.  Just us little tow path rec riders...

They seemed a bit more prepared than I did.  They certainly had cooler clothes than I have.  Jealous again.

The folks doing the longer 45, 25, 19, mile rides lined up and went out first bit by bit.  Then the 6 mile folks left.  Then my 
little 12 mile group left.  I figured that was enough for me since I never ride on the road or on any hills.  The red, yellow, white
shirt is Larry, the shop owner.  He rode tandem, I think.  

This guy's bike was really low to the ground.  Not too bad maybe if he falls off.  I was
really jealous of that...

All of a sudden everyone seemed like they knew what they were doing.  Well, you know, except that one poor
local woman who was clueless.  What was this little paper with directions?  I tried to memorize it in the parking lot, but then 
one woman pointed out that I was reading the wrong directions for our 12 mile ride.  So, I got those directions and 
and just memorized the first few roads and turns.  I mean, no need in memorizing the whole thing in case this is still the wrong
set of directions, right?   I think there were at least five of theses little cue sheets.  Useless to me as I can not read and ride.  I tried
to follow the others and just read mine when I stopped and no one was looking......I kept it in my pocket....  Still have it if
anyone wants to borrow it.  Ha!

I wanted at least one pic of the ride.  These piggies were too cute.  Little guys right off the road.  I would have taken
a bunch of pics ( as you know), but I know that just is not done on these rides.  I was already last....
I have to say I was freaked out a bit by the road thing.  Plus I did not know where I was going and I did not know 
anyone.  But they had done a good job of choosing roads that had big shoulders, or little traffic.  And it was pretty.
'Course I still was pathetic, but I made it somehow.  Very proud.  Pathetic and proud.  What a combo.

Sweep/leader (that's officer Rob, volunteer road marshal and part time bike counselor)
 for our ride.  He tried to wait for me, but I lost sight of him too.  Me and the country roads.
Well, that was better than other riders looking at how pitiful I was.  I went up the hills slow, and
rode the brakes the whole way down the hills....but hey, I never walked a hill ( I could have gone faster if I did).
I did walk across at least 2 intersections.  No one else did that, but the intersections creeped me out.  
I guess now I can ride to work and the grocery store and not worry about if I can make it up the hills or not.
I will not be any good at it, but I can do it!  I'll pick up a latte while I am at it........  


Cute.  Hope Larry can find the owners!