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  • This is not just a cool bike. It is appropriate for everyday use and for racing. The vibration damping is a performance advantage on longer rides. Each frame is built to order and every frame is a unique. Tubes are selected for the weight of the rider. The geometry of the frame can be any of our usual geometries: Pro, Tri or Cross. Custom frames can also be made.
  • Details. Water bottle mounts tend to disrupt the aesthetic of the frame so alternative water carrying methods are encouraged. Because of the larger diameter of the Bamboo, 1 1/8" head tubes look better. If the frame is being used where comfort is the primary objective, the 1" steerer fork is the better choice for riders weighing 180 pounds or less.
  • Finish. Black Bamboo has natural oil that simply gets rubbed with a cloth to obtain a beautiful, semi-gloss finish. Clearcoats and paints won't stick to it. Occasional wiping down with a furniture oil is advised to maintain the beautiful finish.
Bamboo Bike Features:
  • Amazing Vibration Damping. Even better than Carbon fiber.
  • High performance frame. Weighs about 4 pounds but has good stiffness.
  • Crash tolerant. Bamboo is a lot of tougher than most people realize.
  • Looks cool! A work of art!