Dynamic Chainless Bicycles

Advanced Engineering Made Simple


Ever heard of a Chainless Bicycle? Trust us, they are as cool to ride as they are to look at. Whether you ride for fun, fitness or commuting, chainless bicycles are the easiest bikes to operate and maintain on the market today.


Chainless bicycles use a drive shaft instead of a chain to smoothly and efficiently transfer power from the pedals to the rear wheel. For gearing, Dynamicís chainless bikes use the Shimano 8-speed or 7-speed internal hubs whereby all the gearing is neatly tucked away inside the rear wheel. This means no external moving parts! Imagine Ė no more grease on your hands or clothes, no chain to catch on your pants or shoelace, and no messy chain maintenance.


If youíre a year-round commuter, Dynamicís chainless bikes are worth serious consideration. Chainless bikes will allow you to ride in any weather without worrying about salt or sand build-up on your chain components. And they will dramatically reduce repair and maintenance time and costs since all the moving parts are enclosed and protected. Plus, the shaft drives and gearing on these bikes were designed to last 3-4 times as long as chains and derailleur components. This can add up to hundreds of dollars of saving over a few years of use. Some Dynamic chainless models are also available with dual disc brakes for added stopping power in foul weather.


Dynamicís chainless bikes offer a versatile range of gearing for climbing tough hills as gracefully as they accelerate to comfortably fast speeds. Plus, shifting gears is fast, smooth and easy. This will help you use your gearing more frequently, which will help reduce fatigue and increase your energy during your ride by helping you maintain a more consistent pedaling speed. Best of all, you can shift gears at any time Ė while pedaling, coasting or even at a complete stop.


Dynamic offers several very attractive bike models to choose from including recreational hybrid and cruising bikes, as well as some more performance oriented fitness and commuter bikes. They even offer a sharp looking folding bike. Using all aluminum frames and high quality components, Dynamicís bikes are a great value. Call us to find out which models we have available for you to ride.