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Dream Promotes Comfort, Simplicity, Practicality


Milford,MI (Nov 2010) – People are taking notice of Day 6 Bicycles’ Dream.  The bicycle departs from traditional thinking by featuring a frame that enables riders to sit just slightly reclined; eliminating back, neck, wrist, and crotch pain while improving visibility and balance.  The Dream rides much like a regular bicycle but forward pedals and a lower seat allow you to easily reach the ground; providing safer cornering, easier mounting, and more stable stopping and starting.


And comfort….. “Let’s face it; the average bicycle seat leaves much to be desired - like more width,” notes Kelly Hutson who designed the Dream “You wouldn’t sit for two hours at a theater or restaurant on a 5” seat with no backrest so why do it on a bicycle?  The point of riding bicycles is to have fun, be healthy, and get outside.  It’s also nice to leave the car parked.”  The cockpit includes a luxurious, 16” seat and contoured backrest – as comfortable as any chair you have sat on.


The Dreams frame is lightweight aluminum and the entire bicycle weighs just 35 pounds even with the larger seat and backrest.  It is available in a small frame (riders 4’9” to 5’7”) and standard frame (5’4”and taller) and comes in cobalt blue and burgundy.  It also features 26” wheels to absorb road shock and it has a built-in travel pack to carry small items. 


Who should ride a Dream?  “Thirtysomethings who want to be green and commute easily without the hassles of a car or public transportation.  Anyone with physical limitations.  Seniors who are active and want to get outdoors.  But, at the end of the day, this bicycle’s comfort and performance are ideal for consumers of any age and activity level,” concludes Hutson.


The Dream can be purchased at select dealers.  Prices start at $599 for a 7 speed derailleur model with basic seat and go to $799 for a 21 speed derailleur with deluxe 16” saddle.   For more info go to: 


Founded in 2004, Day 6’s focus is solely on building bicycles with the rider’s comfort in mind - without compromising performance or safety.  Day 6 has locations throughout the U.S. with headquarters in Milford,MI.