College Park and Mt. Airy Bicycles have just reintroduced the Fit Kit to our array of services.  The Fit Kit System collects information on your physique to create a starting point for selecting the right bike for you.  Then our expert technicians fine tune that fit to make sure you have the best combination of comfort and performance.  The better your bike fit, the more comfortably, the longer and the faster you'll ride. 

We were one of the very first Fit Kit nearly 30 years ago.  Before the Fit Kit came along, we determined fit by having you stand over the bike - focusing on leg extension alone.  The original Fit Kit helped us not only choose the right size, it would us pick the right stem length, position the saddle properly and identify people with special needs.

Fit Kit has evolved and so have we and our fitting protocols.  Fit Kit as updated the tools to collect physical measurements more quickly, conveniently and precisely than ever before.  But the rider inventory includes more than just physical measurements.   We now consider age, flexibility, riding style and several other factors to create a good starting fit.  What's more, we now offer better tools for verifying the fit - the Waterford Fitmaster.  The Fitmaster is a completely adjustable and measurable stationary bicycle that lets us either fit you to a stock design or for a custom frame.  As we make the adjustments, you can feel the difference in your performance and comfort.  We can also use the Fit Kit to evaluate you on your current bike and to help us recommend changes to let you enjoy cycling more then ever before. 

Come on in and see what a difference better bike fit can make for you  . .