Our best wishes and prayers go out to Rev. Dr. Paul Shoffeitt , a long time customer whom participated in the 19 mile ride.
The ride went within a mile of his farm. We were behind him and stopped at our place for a restroom break. We heard and saw emergency vehicles and noticed a black plume across the ridge and smelled something burning. We headed back to the shop, and the mobile rang. Linda answered and I heard a tragic 'Oh, No!" The lady riding with Paul (who boards her horses there) told us to head the other way - the roads were closed and Paul's barn was fully engulfed in flames. 1000 bales of hay, several upscale horse carriages, a large horse trailer, and a century-plus-old historic registered barn are now ash.

The cyclists dismounted their bikes and rescued the horses and supplies in the adjacent barn as over 60 firefighters from 3 counties continued pumping from their too-shallow portable pond a convoy of water trucks tried to keep filled.
No injuries, not ever a firefighter, dog nor chicken was treated for smoke.

Paul visited the shop the next day to return his loaner helmet and mentioned the good news that his Kestrel, Cannondale, and Klein were spared, along with his car and pickup.
We are all thankful to the 60 firefighters who saved the home and adjacent structures.