Q  Why Tandems? 
    A   Experts agree: Two kinds of people live HEALTHIER, HAPPIER Lives: 
         Those that exercise regularly and those that spend quality time with a soulmate!  Tandem Bicycling is the easy answer. 

    Q   Who can ride a tandem? 
    A   Anyone who can ride any type of bicycle or tricycle, and many that cannot or has not yet learned to ride on their own. 

    Q    What ages can enjoy tandeming? 
    A    Special Child Adaptors allow children as young as age 3 1/2 to pedal the 'stoker' position.   Seniors who may not be able to enjoy other outdoor sports can enjoy the smooth, non-impact pleasure of riding tandems 

    Q    Do we have to be strong, experienced cyclists of equal ability? 
    A    Quite the contrary! Tandeming is easy, and can be the great equalizer for couples of different abilities. Cyclists of average or below average strength can combine on a tandem to conquer distances and speed never thought possible on their indepent singles, and have more than twice the fun.

    With over 120 tandems in stock and ready to ride, our selection rivals any shop in the world. We have over a dozen brands. 
     From Santana, Burley, CoMotion, Ibis, KHS, Cannondale, Trek, Vision, Linear, Rans, Ravelin, Bilenky and DaVinci.
    We start with some basic fitting. You can start by measuring the distance from your saddle top to your extended pedal on your favorite bike and that will give us some basic start. 
    We'll size something as close as possible and harmonize the three points of human contact (Seat, Feet, Hands) to suit. 
    The captain chooses the handlebar style (drop, straight, or rise) and we pick out a tandem from the selection. We change the stoker bar if necessary (straight, cowhorn, drop, or rise) 
    If there's a need for a special type of saddle, we will install that for each person.
    After the initial fitting and installation of the seats and bars, we provide ground school for both partners.  While there are several methods by which a tandem can be mounted, our experienced tandemists will provide a few options, but 'the method' as it's called usually works for the vast majority, and will serve to simplify the fears of those new to tandems.
    An experienced tandem captain (our tandem staff has the experience of having ridden all over the globe with hundreds of different captains and stokers for thousands of miles.)will inform, entertain, and often scare the shorts off the prospective Captain with a 'stoker empathy lesson' designed to keep the prospective team's future experiences on tandems pleasurable and safe. 
    The Captain-to-be will be shown some of the mistakes often made that cold forever turn off a stoker.(yes, there have been a couple of times in the 1000+ tandems we've fitted that we have had to give a refund after a short time due to poor judgement of the captain) 
    Scary swerves, 'freezing' the pedals, failure to call out bumps, 
wrong-way turn signals, unnecessary rocking and bouncing, and going inches 
from parked (and moving!) cars are some of the things that the rear admiral 
may just not appreciate. 
    After returning from this sort 'crash course' the de-tandeming technique is shown while the prospective stoker watches. 
    The Stoker is then treated to a delightful excursion with our the now-more-relaxed and guiding Captain.  Information on back-scratching, interesting architecture, the 'rolling movie'  of the changing landscape, and how to help navigate are theorder of 
    The stoker is also given some secret tips on verbl and 'body-English' cues to help make a better captain. 
    After returning from the short and pleasant spin, the nformed but inexperienced team is turned loose after getting a grade on their mounting and take-off procedure. 
    If the new captain wishes, a solo ride is granted, or a ride with one of our  'surrogate' stokers who will go along for balance and ballast! 
    We offer a great rural area for testing tandems. 
First, the parking lot is several acres with almost no traffic.  There's a slight grade for easier starting if needed. 
    A delightful one-mile loop that starts with a very gradual incline and rolls up and down past houses, farms, beautiful pastures and fields stocked with horses, and comes back to the shop.  There's a variety of ascents, descents, and a straight and a twisty section to help compare handling.  The pavement is extremely smooth and free of obstruction and clutter. 
    After one or two trips around the loop on assorted tandems, interested teams can take one or more of their favorites on a tour of rural Maryland on flat-to-rolling terrain. For a one hour tour, thereare a few places to stop for lunch or a snack about 8 miles away.  The trip can continue, or return the same or a more challenging way. 
    For the ultimate achievers, a loop or two on the Maryland/Delaware District of the United States Cycling Federation course is only a few miles from the shop. 
    Tools and spares are available to those who want to be prepared. Cellular service in the area is loud and clear for those who want to travel lighter.  Our vans are ready to come to the rescue if SAG service id requested.  Off-roaders will find great areas to test Mountain Tandems nearby as well. 
Occassionally overnight test rides are available to check areas closer to your home, or in case our hours don't match yours. We prefer that both Capatin and Stoker come in for the initial test ride and fitting. 
    Rentals are available from daily to long-term, and rental fees apply between 50% and 100% of a future purchase 
    Tandem Attachments for roof racks installed while-you-watch. 
    Rear racks for tandems strapped on while-you wait.
    YES, we can fit tandems acroos the back of most cars,vans,RV's trucks, SUV's, and across the FRONT of many trucks, RV's, and SUV's.
    We have rental and loaner racks and hitches. 
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