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Mount Airy Bicycles is a broad-spectrum bicycle dealer in Mount Airy, catering to a range of bicycle purchase, repair, and rental needs of cyclists across the United States. Our pride lies in the knowledge of the product, and our ability to make good matches between people and bikes. Each “match” is one-on-one, and our customers enjoy the personalized attention that we give them.

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Mount Airy Bicycles has been in business for over 40 years. The founders, Larry Black and Linda Black, met in the University of Maryland in 1974 during a bicycle class. Larry was a teacher and Linda was a student there. They recognized the need for a real bike shop in College Park and thought of opening one. This led to the foundation of College Park Bicycle in 1979. Later on in the year 1991, they moved to Mount Airy. Their customers across Mount Airy, Frederick, Western Maryland, and Pennsylvania soon learned about this transition. To save their customers the long travel, they established themselves in Mount Airy as Mount Airy Bicycles.


Exclusive Items, Inclusive Attention


We carry a wide variety of mainstream as well as specialty items to accommodate all types of bike enthusiasts. Rich or poor, short or tall, big or small, able-bodied or disabled, beginner or professional, upright or laid-back, single or multiple, partnered or partner-free – we love them all and have never failed to pair them with the right bicycles.

Bike repair

Our Specialty


What we don’t have we can usually get, make, or modify to suit our customers’ requirements. We love the challenges and opportunities of finding the obscure, providing special fits, and fixing and modifying things on which others have given up. We will be glad to handle any mail order and can ship our products anywhere. From a spring for your antique brake to a four-seat bike for a parade on the West Coast, you can count on us!


Our Mt Airy location Is Very Pet Friendly

  • Large grassy side yard
  • Picnic table
  • Shade trees
  • Adjacent wooded forest
  • Treats and bowls 

Test Rides & Repairs: Because we have a smaller, focused professional staff and a smaller space than many shops, we suggest emailing or calling before visiting to test ride, especially in the off season, inclement weather, or for trikes, tandems, recumbent, and used bikes.Test rides should be completed at least 60 minutes before closing. Please arrive early enough to allow ample time for your test ride. Call or email if you need any special attention with late arrival.