Thank You

We’d like to thank our customers and friends for their patience and patronage during the past year – you have helped us help more people get on a bike or back on theirs.

The ‘off season’


Even in ‘peacetime’ we’re often asked “Does it ever slow down here?”
Our usual answer is “see us November through January” This November was our busiest in 15 years but things have slowed down since.
This allows more time and more attention for our visitors.

Service and Resurrection


While most visitors are surprised to find their mothballed bikes are in better shape than they expected and the cost for service far less, there are few neglected ones with mold on the saddles, grass growing through the spokes, and manure on the tires.
We’re still doing most repairs same day and labor charges are always less in the ‘off season’
A very popular service is making your old bike more modern and more comfy with more user friendly bars and saddles.

Hidden Gems discovered


We’ve had time to organize and clean up – and we’ve discovered bikes and other things we assumed were long lost. While things are still in very short supply, we’ve found some surplus items and have many on sale.

33rd Annual “I’ve Ridden Every Day This Year!” Ride

That’s what you’ll say the whole day (and hopefully many days following) as you start 2024 with cycling miles. No downside! Healthy and fun!

This ‘inclusive’ ride rarely has any dropped riders. From the easy pace of the casual new-hybrid-for-the-holidays rider to the over-achieving racer, we will have local ride leaders to work with the breaks and stragglers alike in this known-for-being-conversational outing in ‘possum country. In the past we’ve had a great assortment of tandems, recumbents, Ebikes, and trikes along too.

We’ll mingle a bit in the lot, check out each others’ clothing, bikes, and calves, catch up on the year and start in staggered groups when the clock strikes Noon.
After a few gasps of the country air on our initial “beginners’ slope” start, many will know how much of a toll December’s parties took out of them.

Because we’d like to arrange enough guides and leaders, and have enough pre- and post-ride refreshments, a nose count in advance (up ’til the morning of) is requested.

“The more you share, the less you’ll ‘wear’!”

If you have temptations left over from December’s celebrations and the midnight before, we’ll provide table space and beverages.

Send an email to
so we know how many will be attending.

ALL Paces, 6-45mi., ALL Conditions, Noon, Mon. Jan 1st, Mt Airy, Md.
Start point is Mt Airy Bicycles

4540 Old National Pike

(MD RT-144), Mt. Airy MD.

Restrooms for changing are available.


Please park on the wide shoulders of RT-144
as close as possible to cars in front and behind
(our neighbor built a fortress, so that lot is off-limits).

Tech Info and Interesting Facts


People take pride in their bicycles the same way a billionaire loves his fleet of expensive cars. Stay updated with us on all cycling innovations!

Tours and Travel

Are you planning to go on a biking vacation? We can help you find the bicycle tours and adult treks that you can participate in!


We are compiling a list of tandem and recumbent resources that, you, our customer will find interesting and informative.

If you have any suggestions or links, please email us at

Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine is the authoritative, informative and entertaining magazine for riders and enthusiasts of recumbent and tandem bicycles.

The Advantages of Delta Recumbent Trikes Explained


Bicycle Clubs

Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland, and beyond, explore the most exciting and popular bicycle clubs and get to associate with riders like you!


We rent anything, from a day to a lifetime.
Because we don’t have an official ‘rental fleet’ you won’t be getting a beater that someone trashed.
We take regular bikes out of our store bikes, sometimes even our personally-owned bikes.
Since we have to size and prep bikes before they go out, the minimum is one day, and that’s 24 hours so you can come the same time on pick up and drop off day.
If you want to try out a bike, trike, trailer, or any gear, you can take an extended test ride as long as weather cooperates. We’ve been known to let people take overnight or weekend test On days we are closed, you get that day for half price if you rent the day before or after.rides so they can check out a bike in their familiar routes.

Rates vary and get lower after the first day.
We have rates for day, weekend, week, up to several months.

Here’s a partial list of what’s available:
Racing bikes:Road, Triathlon, Gravel, Mountain
City bikes, commuters, childrens’, cruisers,
Folding and Take-apart travel bikes (including cases and bags)
Tandems – 2,3,4 seaters.
Trikes – Childrens’ and Adults.
Special Needs and Adaptive bikes

Car Carriers, Travel Bags and Cases, Tools, Locks, Lights, bottle holders, Bike Racks and Bags, most anything and everything.

We require advance notice and have limits on the numbers of bikes per family per day.

All rental fees apply to purchases of the bike or trike you rent (and a reduced price on purchases of others) and is cumulative over time for multiple rentals.

Test Rides & Repairs: Because we have a smaller, focused professional staff and a smaller space than many shops, we suggest emailing or calling before visiting to test ride, especially in the off season, inclement weather, or for trikes, tandems, recumbent, and used bikes.Test rides should be completed at least 60 minutes before closing. Please arrive early enough to allow ample time for your test ride. Call or email if you need any special attention with late arrival.